Company Profile

My name is Jeff Stobie and I am the Designated Broker/Owner of Your Choice Real Estate NW.  I started this company in 2009 after 6 years with John L. Scott.  I started this company for many reasons.

Primarily, I recognized that these difficult economic times were changing the playing field in our industry.  The declines in home ownership equity were making it very difficult to sell houses.  I wanted to be able to make a difference, so I developed listing programs that lowered the overall cost of selling homes by lowering the commissions charged.  This allows home sellers to either save some equity or have more flexibility in the selling price.  We have multiple listing programs with different commission structures.  It is “Your Choice” as to which one fits your needs.  See our Listing Programs for details.

I also began to see that with the advances of technology, typical real estate business models were becoming outdated.  Statistics show that 85% or more of consumers are doing their own research online prior to hiring a broker to help them purchase or sell a home.   For this reason we have noticed a serious decline in traditional marketing, real estate magazines and newspapers for example and a rise in web based marketing.  The larger brokerages have relied on store fronts for many years.  With consumers searching the web more, they are not visiting the offices as frequently.

Your Choice Real Estate NW is committed to utilizing technology to market your listings for sale and offering an exceptional IDX platform for your home searches.

All brokers that hang their licenses with Your Choice Real Estate NW are home office agents.  This lowers the overhead a broker pays, allowing them to offer the savings we have developed in our listing programs.  Did you know that most brokers pay up to 25k per year or more to work for a larger company?  With those kinds of costs, they are forced to charge higher commissions.  Those higher commissions that you are paying are not doing anything to sell your home, in fact, they make it more difficult.  We have lowered our overhead at Your Choice Real Estate NW so our brokers can pass those savings on to you!

Visit our Brokers Page to find the right broker for you.  Sign up for listing alerts and have listings sent right to your inbox.  If you have a question, contact me, I will be glad to help.


Thank you,

Jeff Stobie